Kingdom Empowerment Institute

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Available Courses

  • School of the Apostolic (SOA) is designed to teach about the office of the Apostle and those who believe they operate in its gifting. It will provide biblical understanding of the graces of the apostolic including but not limited to: walking in authority, power, order, teaching, leading serving and equipping.
  • School of the Prophetic has 4 Blocks to build upon to develop a prophetic people.

    Block I:
    Understanding the Prophetic Voice
    Block II: Building Character and Confidence as a Prophetic Voice
    Block III:
    Block IV: Developing and Establishing Prophetic Teams (sponsored by VC Ministries-Valarie Cunningham) upon request

  • School of Evangelism (SOE) will give students practical strategies for proclaiming the gospel through evangelism, with an emphasis on personal evangelism, servant evangelism and street evangelism. It will also prepare the student to follow-up and disciple new believers.
  • Inner Healing Block 1 is designed to teach and equip the foundational principles of inner healing ministry including the biblical basis for inner healing, understanding soul wounds, the structures of healing, activating gifts of healing and much more. In this course you will learn how healing and transforming the inner man is part of God’s design for living in wholeness through the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • School of Leadership is a course for beginning and experienced Leaders to understand the called, the qualifications, and heart of leadership.This Course deals with how to handle and discuss the tough and challenging opportunity of Leadership.It, also, allow students to participate in leadership activities and practicums. It introduces the importance of team ministry and how to implement it in ministry.

  • School of Eldership is designed to equip those called to 5-Fold Ministry leadership. It's primary focus is to bring maturity in the office of the 5-Fold, develop strong leadership skills, impart kingdom strategies and equip with a greater knowledge and debt of the Word of God.
  • The School of Ministers in Training (M.I.T.) is designed to build a solid foundation in the word of God, teach the importance of servant leadership and to identify spiritual giftings and 5-Fold Ministry calling.
  • The Gathering is a study for those who are motivated and willing to expand their horizon in History, LANGUAGE, and revelational studies about kingdom knowledge. The study will be done in intervals of 6 months and cycle other fresh topics throughout each time-frame.
  • Hebrew Language Studies first study through the mechanics of the language: the alphabet, the vowel marks, and the syllables. Then begin studying Hebrew grammar and exploring the vocabulary of Biblical Hebrew (with rudimentary word studies).
  • Hearing the Voice of God This class teaches the basics of how to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, done through teaching about the revelatory and vocal gifts. Practical application and experiential learning will take place during each class period.
  • How to Study The Bible This class will help you develop the skills that you need to make your time in God’s Word rewarding. You will learn how to cultivate strong Bible study habits, understand key teachings and verses, and find major themes, principles and promises.
  • 10 M's This class will help you understand how Christ wants to help you develop your character in His image and likeness. This will be done through the study of the 10 M’s and some of the character pitfalls to avoid.

Kingdom Empowerment Institute(KEI) is a school for educating and equipping individuals through training done educationally and experientially in a Holy Spirit atmosphere. Equipping involves study, mentoring,interaction, and impartation. KEI courses may be taken for self-growth or to progress towards a certificate or certification program. The objective is to be fruitful, to excel, and reproduce in the destiny in which God has designed for you.
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