...in order to fully equip His people for the work of serving for the building up of Christ's body
Eph 4: 12
Kingdom Empowerment Institute
5805 Oakland Dr.
Portage, MI 49025

Phone: (269) 323-1954
Fax: (269) 323-4183
Kingdom Team 2021
Kingdom Empowerment Institute requires $25.00 non-refundable (one-time) application fee for all students. This fee is not applied to tuition but to cover the application process.

The Dean carefully reviews each application. Each applicant must have a vital experience of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. The evidence of this experience, and the Christian life consistent with Christian standards, must be witnessed by the applicantís Pastoral Reference, can be download or sent out by the Registrarís office.

1.   Complete the Application for Admissions and submit along with fee.

2.   Billfold size photograph is to be included with Application.

3.   Request original certified transcripts from former educational institutions to be sent
     directly to

4.   Determine your proposed curriculum (program of studies) with

5.   Upon receiving your proposed program desires,
KEI will review for appropriateness    
       and contact you with changes if needed.

KEI will forward courses ordered along with syllabi and Study Log
     (including distance learning students).

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